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Medicine Safety Essentials Bundle

Medicine Safety Essentials Bundle

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Give the gift of peace and safety this holiday season with the RxGuardian Medicine Safety Essentials Bundle. Enjoy RxGuardian's best-selling medication safekeeping products, the SaferLock and SaferLock Box, plus our newest offering, the RxGuardian Travel Bag.

Whether you're securing medications in your own home or protecting your medications while you travel to see friends and loved ones over the holidays, the Medicine Safety Essentials Bundle will equip you to safely secure your powerful prescription medications.
  • Reduce the risk of medication theft as you travel
  • Rest assured that visitors to your home won't pilfer your medications
  • Enjoy peace-of-mind as you protect young children from accidentally ingesting your prescription medications
The Medicine Safety Essentials Bundle includes:
  • 1 SaferLock bottle with 4-digit combination locking cap
  • 1 SaferLock box with 4-digit combination locking cap
  • 1 RxGuardian Travel Bag with 4-digit combination lock
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RxGuardian introduces the Rx Locking Cap, the latest offering designed to help mitigate the risk of drug diversion and misuse/abuse of prescription medications in the home. The Rx Locking Cap is a four-digit combination locking cap and represents a tamper evident, abuse deterrent solution for safely storing prescription medications in the home.

The Rx Locking Cap is the newest addition to RxGuardian’s Safer Lock Diversion Portfolio.

  • Drug Diversion is defined by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) as the transfer of any legally prescribed controlled substance from the individual for whom it was prescribed to another person for illicit use.

Tamper Evident / Abuse Deterrent

RxGuardian’s Safer Lock Diversion Portfolio was designed to help mitigate the risk of diversion by providing a four-digit locking cap to help deter misuse of prescription medications and break when tampered with force.

The DEA Diversion Control Division oversees federal regulations that require pharmacies, hospitals, and medical offices to securely store controlled substances in a steel locked cabinet or a safe. Gatekeeper Innovation designed the Safer Lock Diversion Portfolio to enable similar security measures for storing prescription medications in the home.

The Rx Locking Cap secures prescription medications with a combination cap that fits over the most common pharmaceutical vials available in the market.

The patented Rx Locking Cap is the first cap to be offered as an HMO covered benefit, a $0 co-pay.

The Rx Locking Cap is compatible with the following vials:

  • 1-Clic® 20 Dram
  • Friendly & Safe® 16 & 20 Dram
  • ProTect® 16 & 20 Dram

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